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"Through Knowledge, Victory. Through Unity, Peace. Honor, Valor, Allegiance. Today. Tomorrow. Forever."

Operational Timeline

  • 2494: Insurrection begins in the outer colonies. 
  • 2495: M-EDF 9/8/3 (3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Division, 9th Expeditionary Force) is activated. 
  • 2495: UEG backed colony on Eridanus II falls to insurrectionist forces. 
  • 2496: UNSC Forces arrive on Eridanus II to counter the insurrection during Operation: Charlemagne
  • 2497: M-EDF 9/8/3 arrives on Eridanus II to take over counter-terrorism activities and UEG security. 
  • 2501: M-EDF 9/8/3 is relieved by M-EDF 9/21/1 on Eridanus II. 
  • 2503: M-EDF 9/8/3 is deactivated due to expiring enlistment terms. Individuals with extended enlistments are transferred. 
  • 2513 (January): United Rebel Front forces begin new campaign on Eridanus II and drive back UNSC/UEG forces. M-EDF 9/21/1 takes heavy losses. 
  • 2513 (March): UNSC begins Operation: Trebuchet in response to the URF
  • 2520: Seven years after the launch of Operation; Trebuchet, NAVSPECWAR (Navy Special Warfare Command) looks for additional means to break the stalemate. Commissions new frigate Goliath's Fall for special operations use. 
  • 2521: NAVSPECWAR on approval of HIGHCOM (High Command) initiates a marine/navy heavy counter-terror task-force. M-EDF 9/8/3 is reactivated and re-designated 17-ODST (17th Shock Trooper Battalion) with 83-NSOS (83rd Navy Special Operations Squadron). Both units assigned to Goliath's Fall now code-named "Final Dawn".
  • 2521Task Force Goliath assaults and eliminates a large portion of insurrectionist strongholds on Esseker, Jericho VII.  Is turned back however due to an underground nuclear blast set by the insurrection.  Thousands of civilains are killed.
  • 2522Task Force Goliath  deployed to Madrigal to deal with a heavy insurgent uprising. Initiates contact to release captured UEG civilians at Abramia and at Duala. M-EDF 9/8/3 takes heavy losses during Abramia Campaign and is detached from the 17th Shock Trooper Battalion.
  • 2523Task Force Goliath  deployed to [REDACTED] in order to combat [REDACTED] alongside operatives from [REDACTED]. Bandersnatch called and continent wiped due to quarantine protocol.
  • 2523 After deployment on [REDACTED] Task Force Goliath assigned to Chernarus region, Harvest for FTX cycle rather than returning to Viery, Reach in order to maintain presence in the outer colonies.