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17th Shock Trooper Battalion History


"Through Knowledge, Victory. Through Unity, Peace. Honor, Valor, Allegiance. Today. Tomorrow. Forever."

Operational Timeline

  • 2494 Insurrection begins in the outer colonies. 
  • 2495 UEG backed colony on Eridanus II falls to insurrectionist forces. 
  • 2496 UNSC Forces arrive on Eridanus II to counter the insurrection during Operation: Charlemagne
  • 2513 United Rebel Front forces begin new campaign on Eridanus II and drive back UNSC/UEG forces.
  • 2513 UNSC begins Operation: Trebuchet in response to the URF
  • 2520 Seven years after the launch of Operation; Trebuchet, NAVSPECWAR (Navy Special Warfare Command) looks for additional means to break the stalemate. Commissions new frigate Goliath's Fall for special operations use. 
  • 2521 ONI, Section 3 on approval of HIGHCOM (High Command) requisitions the Goliath's Fall for use in special operations against the URF. After showing promise 17th ODST (17th Oribtal Drop Shock Trooper Battalion) and 83-NSOS (83rd Navy Special Operations Squadron) assigned to Goliath's Fall at the request of ONI Section 3. The newly dubbed Task Force Goliath deployed to conduct special operations under the direct orders of Vice Admiral Stanforth, Director, ONI Section 3
  • 2521 Operation Hammer DownTask Force Goliath assaults and eliminates a large portion of insurrectionist strongholds on Esseker, Jericho VII.  Is turned back however due to an underground nuclear blast set by the insurrection.  Thousands of civilains are killed.
  • 2521 Operation Seven Dwarves and Iron Kingdom Task Force Goliath  deployed to Madrigal to deal with a heavy insurgent uprising. Initiates contact to release captured UEG civilians at Abramia and at Duala. M-EDF 9/8/3 takes heavy losses during Abramia Campaign and is detached from the 17th Shock Trooper Battalion.
  • 2521-2522 Operation UnityTask Force Goliath  sent to the Vis region in order to assist IDAP relief efforts after the fall of a URF regime in the area, after the local Colonial Police Department and Colonial Guard divisions in the area were brought back to full strength, Task Force Goliath pulled out for training.
  • 2522 Operation Greyscale SerpentTask Force Goliath  deployed to [REDACTED] in order to combat [REDACTED] alongside operatives from [REDACTED]. Bandersnatch called and continent wiped due to quarantine protocol.
  • 2522 Operation Backbiter During a joint training exercise with the local Colonial Guard, CGA forces turned on UNSC forces, forcing Task Force Goliath to retreat into the surrounding woodlands and conduct guerrilla warfare tactics to survive until UNSC reinforcements could arrive. Task Force Goliath fled the region utilizing boats stolen from a CGA facility.
  • 2522-2523 Operation Viper's Nest Task Force Goliath deployed to the Deniland Region of Capella, along with Task Force Viper after the discovery that the traitor, Agent [REDACTED] was hiding inside the URF held region with footage from Operation: Greyscale Serpent. Footage recovered, but Agent [REDACTED] escaped.
  • 2523 Operation Tangent Task Force Goliath deployed to [REDACTED] after intel during Viper's Nest resulted in ONI scouts locating the planet. 17th Forces secured the region. UEG Civilians rescued after their presence was disocvered. Area evacuated after BANDERSNATCH was called.