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  Operation Backbiter - Mission: Exodus POSTPONED
Posted by: MSgt. L.Buckman - 03-31-2018, 08:03 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (6)

The operation on March 31, 2018, has been postponed to April 7th due to the absence of people for Easter weekend. Thank you for understanding, please acknowledge this announcement once you have read it and feel free to PM me any comments, questions, or concerns.

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  New Elements
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 03-21-2018, 05:08 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

[Image: mo3SBda.png]




>>>//21MAR2018, 12:00 LOCAL REGION TIME



Echo Company,

Today I am formalizing the formation of two new elements within our company. These new elements will be taking some personnel from each existing element to fill out their own rosters. This also means that there will be 2 new Element Leads on your Team Net radio frequencies. As most of the personnel movements involved in this growth need to be approved on down the line, I will just be announcing the new element Leaders and Assistant Element Leaders.

First up, our addition to Combat Team 1 "Ares":
[Image: Mc3ndtS.png]
Element 1-3 "Hades"
Element Leader: N.Jedi
Assistant Element Leader: "K.Galligan

Next, the newbies for Combat Team 2 "Jaeger":

[Image: RVL1UNM.png]
Element 2-3 "Voyager"
Element Leader: J.Cunningham - Banned
Assistant Element Leader: "Sgt. C.Liorman

I will be finishing approvals for personnel movements as the week goes on so these elements will see combat at this Saturday's operation on 24MAR2018. That's all I have for now, keep an eye on the discord and Teamspeak for further info. Goliath Actual, out.



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  Fletcher's Modpack Updated - 17MAR2018
Posted by: HM1 C.Fletcher - 03-17-2018, 07:07 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New updates to the pack on the workshop, should automatically update as usual if you have steam running.

M48B Cricket got some ammunition rebalancing. The MA5B has new ammunition in the form of AP and JHPs. The M45X has the new humbler slugs for a solid less-than-lethal option.

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  Promotion Ceremony - 04FEB2018
Posted by: Capt. N.Banta - 03-04-2018, 08:00 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: mo3SBda.png]




>>>//04FEB2018, 20:00 LOCAL REGION TIME



Echo Company,

With another month behind us we come to another promotion ceremony. The personnel listed below have shown through time and effort that they are deserving of the awards and promotions they received. Let us congratulate these fine unit members on their accomplishments over the past month and look forward to new accomplishments this month.


Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal

[Image: nma.png]

Cpl Diggus has stepped up and performed as Orion's acting leader for these last two weeks. He has shown excellence and performed well in the position when he could have easily declined.


Staff Sergeant
 [Image: SSGT.jpg]


[Image: SGT.jpg]

Sgt. U.Holland
Sgt. B.Diggus

Petty Officer Second Class
[Image: PO2.jpg]

HM2 L.Croft

[Image: CPL.jpg]

J.Cunningham - Banned
Sgt. C.Liorman
Sgt. S.Haas

Lance Corporal
[Image: LCPL.jpg]

Cpl. J.Heidke
Cpl. R.Skitzy



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  Steam Modpack Update
Posted by: MSgt. L.Buckman - 02-03-2018, 08:12 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

Good morning all, firstly I apologize for the short notice of this notification being posted to the website.  GRAD Trenches and Eden Objects have been added to the steam modpack and are required to participate in the FTX.  Links to the mods will be provided below, please R&U this post.

17th Steam Mod List:

GRAD Trenches:

Eden Objects:

Feel free to PM me with any questions!

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