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VTT // 14AUG2523 - N.Banta - 08-14-2018


>>>//LOGIN: 20226-09545-NB

>>>//PASSWORD: **************










>>>//ONI Training Blacksite, REACH



^^\ Wake up Captain

<<\ Ugggh...WISP? Its oh-three, what the fuck are you waking me for?

^^\ It's the Vice Admiral sir, he's here.

<<\ Here!? What do you mean here?

>>\ It means here, Captain.

<<\ Oh, uh Sir!

>>\ At ease, Captain, we don't have time for the pleasantries. I important things to discuss with you.

<<\ A.. Aye, sir. Have your analysts found Faust?

>>\ No. But, we are still looking. However this, is far more important than Faust.

<<\ Vector, then.

>>\ Yes, the URF plan to colonize worlds outside the UEG has apparently been... somewhat successful, evidently.

<<\ ... How many?

>>\ Hard to tell at this juncture, but we have a fix on one. It would seem the URF have lower standards as to what constitutes habitable. The planet is arid, nearly all desert. We don't know what they call the world but we do know the name of the only region they've settled thus far, one of the few Oasis areas: Clafghan. Although we use the term Oasis lightly, the region receives little rainfall, and the terrain is as hazardous: radios and radar barely function due to the high mountains.

<<\ Understood, sir. What's the mission?

>>\ A small recon team was sent to ground, one of their squads went out to search for military targets, and vanished. These operatives don't have the firepower or the experience to fight the whole planet by themselves. You rendezvous with their Commander, Agent Hydra, and wipe out this budding issue.

<<\ Aye... sir you said it was a colony, what should we do with civilians?

>>\ ... As far as this mission is concerned, there are no civilians. Every human being on that planet, other than yourselves and my recon team is in open rebellion to the UEG.

<<\ Sir, I don-

>>\ There are no civilians on that planet captain. Do you understand?

<<\ ... Yes, sir.

>>\ Good, capture anyone you deem important, but recognize that there's only so much room a Paris-class and an experimental ONI Prowler-Corvette can carry.

<<\ What frigate?

>>\ The team on the ground was from the Silentium, Commander Typhoon's ship.

<<\ Understood sir, is he-

>>\ Commander Typhoon is fine, he is in orbit around the planet maintaining a defensive posture until your support arrives. Anything else, Captain?

<<\ No... No, sir. We'll get it done.

>>\ Good. Get your team geared up and on the move, Commander Typhoon is expecting you.

<<\ ...Fuck...

<<\ Fucking warn me next time WISP, jesus christ...