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17th Mod pack update 11/01/2018 - M.Timm - 11-01-2018

[Image: rZM4VXQ.jpg]

Welcome back to another fuck fest of a mod pack update ! It took a while but we got some new stuff and stuff that are work in process. So get your coke, and your pills and some whiskey and hop onto the suicide train !

General Update:

- Rename's of elements are changed in the mod pack
- Vest got more space to carry some extra ammo
- Long range radio mods which are capable of having longer range transmission.
- Some UNSC Extended Arsenal weapons added together with a M89 Bolt Action Guass Sniper Rifle
- Some UNSC Extended Arsenal vehicles added to the mod. Av 22 Sparrowhawk and the Wombat.
- Phoenix getting new skins for armor/vest.

[Image: MLFLSf4.jpg]
- Wombat are drones so you can only control them using NATO terminals. Wombats are still work in process.

[Image: E9iMo5P.jpg]
AV-22 Sparrowhawk:

- It is what it is a Sparrowhawk, cockpit textures are still a issue will be fixed in the hot patch. together with anything else that needs patching

[Image: MbP9Df2.jpg]
Where the woman at ?:

- You sick of only seeing man on every planet ? Well the feminst are here now. Female Character models added to make arma 3 more realistic, dont know why they removed them in Arma 3

[Image: XVxoAE7.jpg]
Wardog: Fox 1 out ?:

- By request of Hobos wardog 83rd now get pilot helmets with the words Wardog on it.

Download Update:
You can find a download to the mod pack here.

When your download is completed, completely remove the @17th folder from your Arma 3 directory and place the new one from one of the download's you choose back into the Arma 3 folder.

Example where your Arma 3 directory would be on your computer:
G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3

Steam workshop collection:
Make sure you are up to date with the steam workshop collection

RE: 17th Mod pack update 11/01/2018 - T.Storey - 11-01-2018

Outstanding, dude! Can't wait to get my hands dirty next op!

RE: 17th Mod pack update 11/01/2018 - S.Comak - 11-16-2018

very nice