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17th Shock Troopers Inaugural Graduates - J.Chamberlain - 01-31-2017

02 December 2522
Viery, Reach

Admiral Margaret Parangoskey, (CiC, ONI) on behalf of the UNSC Universal Command (UNICOM) is proud to acknowledge the inaugural graduates of the 17th Shock Trooper Battalion's Training Program. At a private ceremony held at the culmination of their final day of training, graduates met with their instructors and other members of the command staff to celebrate their historic moment. We here at the 17th look forward to the stories they have yet to earn.

Helljumper Award

[Image: hj.gif]

Crewman L.Buckman
 Private First Class J.Melo
Private First Class A.Viramontes
Private First Class Z.Roberts

Honor Graduate Basic Training Honors

[Image: bcth.gif]

Lance Corporal G.Edwards