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Award Ceremony 01-16 - J.Chamberlain - 01-31-2017

As the end of 2522 approaches and we look toward the action to see in 2523, on behalf of the UNSC and Admiral Margaret Parangoskey, it is my pleasure to announce the following promotions and awards in the 17th ODST.

CORPORAL / Petty Officer 3rd Class
S. Langley 

Sergeant / Petty Officer 2nd Class

Gunnery Sergeant / Chief Petty Officer

Warrant Officer (WO-1)
F. Stokes 

Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO-3)
T. Boone

Bronze Star
[Image: bs.gif]

T. Boone 

Quote:During Operation Blackout - Mission: Midnight Ride, Warrant Officer Boone in his expertise of Close Air Support and Supply was able to assist ground forces in the recovery of key UNSC personnel while maintaining control of airspace against enemy forces as well as supporting ground contacts. For this mastery, Warrant Officer Boone is awarded the Bronze Star.
Combat Action Ribbon
[Image: car.png]
The Combat Action Ribbon is awarded for satisfactory performance while in ground or space combat. 

D. Taft 
B. McVean 
S. Langley 
L. Stasov 
J. Reaver 
T. Sturgeon 
G. Edwards 
A. Viramontes 
Z. Roberts 
J. Griffiths

Drill Instructor Ribbon
[Image: mcdi.png]
In recognition of their efforts in training current and future ODST Personnel, the following are awarded the "Drill Instructor" Ribbon. 

D. Taft 
B. McVean 
S. Langley

Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal
[Image: nma.png]
For continued efforts in leadership and laying the foundation of the 17th, the following are awarded the Navy & Marine Achievement medal. 

D. Taft
 B. McVean
 T. Boone

Prisoner of War Medal
[Image: pow.png]
The "Prisoner of War" medal is issued to individuals who have been captured by enemies of the UNSC and have survived their captivity. This award is an honorary award. 

T. Boone 
F. Stokes

Purple Heart
[Image: ph.gif]
The Purple Heart is issued to individuals wounded while in action while in a leadership role. 

B. McVean 
S. Langley 
T. Boone