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17th Steam Collection Update 09JUL2018

Echo Company,

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! Company Staff took time to consider the pros and cons of all suggested mods. After looking through everyone's suggestions it was determined by Company Staff that most of the suggested mods would bloat our already large mod pack for minor game play improvements and possibly cause further de-sync and frame rate issues. As such most were denied. However the 83rd requested an addition to their aircraft with elements of the FIR mod as well as adding the Survivable Crashes mod (which is now fixed and out on steam) which would both Expand the 83rd's game play options but also allow Echo Company to be re-tasked mid-mission in order to save downed pilots. In short, we will be adding the following mods to the Steam Workshop Collection:





The full steam collection can be found here:

That is all, Goliath out.
Capt N.Banta
Echo Company - Commanding Officer
S-3: Operations Command - OIC
S-6: Department of Combat Imaging - OIC
S-7: Department of Doctrine and Training - OIC
17th ODST

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