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17th Mod pack update 23/01/2018

[Image: 6LFoPyC.jpg]

Welcome to another update to the 17th mod pack. This mod pack includes the following updates.
-83rd update.
-Jackal update.
-Raider update.
-Weapons update.
-Gypsy update.
-Viking update.
-Medical Staff Update.
-General squads update.
83rd Update:
[Image: bJa6Ikz.jpg]
The 83rd falcon was still using the old model/config of the falcon which didnt had the option to have passengers on the skid this is now fixed together with a reskin to be more lore friendly within the Halo universe.  The Blue is replaced with a grey/black scale color and the gold color have been redone.

[Image: 0SNqvMQ.jpg]
Just like with the Falcon the Hornet got a reskin to be more lore friendly, blue have been replaced with a grey/black scale color and some extra detail have been added to the diffuse texture.

[Image: Jc6bhfQ.jpg]
To stick with the same color as the Falcon and the Hornet also the Pelican got a reskin.

Jackal Update:
[Image: lMv8UML.jpg]
In the previous version only Warrior had 4 different variations for the "Chest piece" and Raider had different variations of the "Uniform.
These variations for both the "Chest piece" and "Uniform" have been applied to Jackal now aswell.

Raider Update:
[Image: s6JV7KB.jpg]
In the previous version only Warrior had 4 different variations for the "Chest piece" and Raider had different variations of the "Uniform.
These variations for both the "Chest piece" and "Uniform" have been applied to Raider now aswell.

Weapons Update:
[Image: MEKIZHd.jpg]
The SRS99D compared to the SRS99C only had a Scope attachment, now the SRS99D got several silencer attachments and a Laser sight attachment.

[Image: 9KojwIo.jpg]
The M73 Light Machine Gun "LMG" originally did not have any attachment's beside the scope's, bipod and silencer. Now with this update the M37 got a LS attachment .

Gypsy Update:
[Image: kfpLt0D.jpg]
With "Gypsy" being our sniper boys now, they got there own uniform's, Chest's, and Helmet variants.

Viking Update:
[Image: PwCw4FQ.jpg]
First off all I want to start off to welcome "Viking" to the 17th ODST, while it isnt official yet Viking is going to be a squad with members from Europe. Just like Jackal, Raider, Warrior and Gypsy they have there own armor set together with the latest change's to the mod pack which you can see in the general update.

Medical Staff Update:
[Image: iiieH2P.jpg]
Medical Staff's are now easier to spot thanks to the white colors on the shoulder pieces and the lower front leg, also our mobile fix up guys have a medical symbol on the back of the head so you can see which ODST around you is part of the Medical Staff.

General Update:
[Image: jGv1RSZ.jpg]
With the request from several people in the unit to have a different helmet with attachments, we now have  helmets with "Night Vision", "Thermals" "Thermals white" and "Heat" visions for all the variations of helmet's meaning, you got a standard helmet without attachments to the old Recon helmet with attachments. Ares now also have the different variations of the helmet.

The only helmet with heat vision is the "Ranger" helmet variations, the standard and Diver come's with NVG, TI, TI white. Keep in mind that all helmets got a rebreather so you dont need the "Diver" variation of the helmet.

ReconX is a different texture for the Recon helmet, it got the same functions as the other recon helmet, this texture is made by Phillips.

Download Update:
You can find a download to the mod pack here.
Reminder: Both file's are the same the reason the download size is bigger then the other is because of the archive type the file is compressed to.

7.z (57.91MB) : OFFLINE
.zip (82.78MB):  OFFLINE

When your download is completed just replace everything inside the .7z or the .zip file with the files you have inside your mod folder and everything should be updated.

Keep in mind that like with every manual download to what ever mod make a backup of the current file's you have. Save them on a location where you can find the backup in case some of the file's maybe corrupted during your download.


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