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Unresolved Stuttering

So after some testing I found out that my game starts to Stutter with 1 FPS when ther is a lot going on. Like explosions. I hade no probs when i was with Viking but our at the beginning of the OP, but when we playes Base defense it happend when to Hogs came on the base. It also happend when I played with no mods on a King of the Hill map. After so 30 mins it begann to stutter with 1 FPS and the house I was in was not ther anymore.

Someone who know's what the prob could be?
Sgt C.Travis
Combat Element One "Templar"  - AT
17th ODST
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I think it's more of how much your machine can take. I went from around 60fps to probably 20 (didn't have my counter on but it felt very low) when we were at the airfield. My guess is that it had to do with the many moving things, explosions, buildings falling apart, etc. Arma doesn't really enjoy doing that all too well and it normally takes out its anger on your PC. Depending on your computer it will either make your frames lower, or non existent in your case.
2ndLt D.Odenmier
Team 1 "Ares" - Team Lead
17th ODST

Most likely your're experiencing memory leaks. Its a common issue with Arma that many many people have. To fix it I would recommend a complete wipe and reinstall of ARMA and all mods and then make sure you're playing in 64-bit. THat's about all you can do however the issue may still arise.

It also may be what Odey said above.

I will say that the server did take a hit in frames during the airfield defense with all the falling buildings, exploding vehicles and dead bodies, even in a localized area. However it wasn't so bad that you shouldve been getting frames that low.
Capt N.Banta
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