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Promotion Ceremony - 07APR2018

[Image: mo3SBda.png]




>>>//07APR2018, 20:00 LOCAL REGION TIME



Echo Company,

Another month of hard work and another promotion ceremony to reward it. There have been challenges and problems this month, but we've powered through them and continued to grow. I am extremely pleased with the outlook of this unit and the general atmosphere that we have here. Keep up the good work. Goliath Actual, out.



Silver Star 

[Image: ss.gif]

1stLt. D.Taft
Here are the reasons why I nominate 1Lt D.Taft for the Silver Star, and why I believe he fits the criteria. When J.Chamberlain (AKA Daddy) left the 17th, he was awarded the 
Silver Star for his actions and donations to helped keep this unit in working order.  I believe that Taft has put in at least the same amount of effort as Chamberlain did, not to discredit the 
incredible efforts of J.Chamberlain, as real life always comes first and without his vision and insanely hard work we would not have this website, our servers, or the community at all.  
However, Taft picked up the slack in all departments when Chamberlain had to leave, and without his help getting through that transition the 17th and 83rd would have likely both fallen apart.


Legion of Merit 

[Image: loh.gif]

MSgt. L.Buckman
I am nominating GySgt L.Buckman because he has been creating quality operations since he has joined this unit. Additionally with all of his work during the campaign cycle he works really hard during the precampaign cycle creating a intricate story line that most of the unit never actually gets to see because we miss the little pieces of Intel that are left on 
the guys that we kill. From what he has shown me with his prep work he goes and creates a full enemy command structure with all the way down to battalion level with 
backstories for all officers.  Along with doing the campaign work he also ensures that we have working templates that we can train and fight on. Without his hard work none of our 
operations would have been possible to the extent and quality he has presented for approximatley the last year and a half.



Purple Heart 

[Image: ph.gif]

SSgt. U.Holland
Awarded for wounds sustained during Operation: Backbiter



Navy & Marine Commendation Medal

[Image: nmcomm.png]

After orders of retreat during Operation Backbiter: Serpent's Head, SSgt C.Elliott was found rescuing GySgt S.Rune after his warthog had suffered severe damage. 
SSgt C.Elliott stabilized the Gunnery Sergeant and was prepared to transport him to safety shortly before assistance arrived. The Staff Sergeants actions were found 
     meritorious and heroic in his loyalty and determination.

LCpl J.Eagle successfully eliminated a Mako Drone utilizing an SRS-99C without any assistance. The Drone was bombarding BLUEFOR forces and created havoc for many forces. This action allowed for the safe retreat of forces without the fear of being tracked back to the forward operating base.

During Operation: Backbiter, Mission: Complications the personnel before you fought with valor. Their entire squad wiped and encircled 
these men fought to their last in order to keep enemy "Beetle" APCs distracted to allow the rest of the company to escape

During Operation Backbiter, Mission Complications, WO1 Miller provided close air coverage for CWO2 Strider and CWO3 Woolridge during
 their gun runs over the mortar pits, helping ward off encroaching aerial forces. After all other Valkyrie elements were forced out of the AO, WO1 Miller 
continued to engage enemy air assets, drawing their fire away from friendly ground elements. After his Pelican suffered heavy damage, he 
still continued to harass mobilizing enemy vehicle depots, thus alleviating threats of hostile armor on the eastern front of the AO.



Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal

[Image: nma.png]

SSgt Jedi has both performed exceptionally in his designated fields both on and off the battlefield. He has given valuable time and effort to shaping the 
unit and his squad, which has helped build a stronger community, and have demonstrated exceptional abilities as a combat leader. Without his leadership and 
dedication to the unit, the community wouldn’t be the same.

GySgt. J.Huff
SSgt Huff has both performed exceptionally in his designated fields both on and off the battlefield. He has given valuable time and effort to shaping the 
unit and his squad, which has helped build a stronger community, and have demonstrated exceptional abilities as a combat leader. Without his leadership and 
dedication to the unit, the community wouldn’t be the same. 

Capt. T.Storey
Helping me out with Viking getting the European guys up to speed and best we can get them.


Combat Action Ribbon 

[Image: car.png]

@"R.Skitzy" , @"M.Lasten" , K.Abt , R.Johnson , C.Endtricht

Sgt. R.Dunn , LCpl. R.Euphrane , @"J.Wong" , Cpl. T.Lauridsen , SSgt. J.Gree
LCpl. M.Ruthless , HM1 E.Ramirez

Awarded for satisfactory performance under enemy fire in ground and surface/space combat.


Marine Good Conduct Ribbon

[Image: margc.png]

SSgt. U.Holland , 2ndLt. S.Haas , GySgt. C.Liorman , K.Galligan , J.Cunningham
Awarded for three months consecutive service without disciplinary action.


Navy Good Conduct Ribbon

[Image: ngc.png]

Awarded for 3 months consecutive service without disciplinary action


Navy and Marine Overseas Ribbon

[Image: nmover.png]

SSgt. U.Holland , 2ndLt. B.Santos
Issued to reocgnize members who have served at least 3 tours while attached to a UNSC Ship



Marine Drill Instructor Ribbon

[Image: mcdi.png]

GySgt. C.Liorman , Capt. T.Storey , SgtMaj. S.Rune
Awarded to recognize those service members who have earned their certification as Drill Instructors by pushing two ODSTTP classes through to graduation.



Marine Recruiter Ribbon

[Image: MCRR.png]

CDR M.Hobos , SgtMaj. S.Rune , HMCS J.Winters , 2ndLt. B.Santos , GySgt. F.Horton , 
1stLt. T.Sturgeon
Awarded to recognize those service members who have earned their certification as Recruiters by successfully recruiting, processing, and indoctrinating at least two new personnel into the unit.



Veteran Service Award Ribbon

[Image: VSAR_1.png]

Maj. N.Banta , 1stLt. D.Taft , MSgt. L.Buckman , HMCS J.Winters , SgtMaj. S.Rune ,
Capt. A.Wash , 2ndLt. C.Makiej , GySgt. J.Huff , 2ndLt. B.Santos , SSgt. S.King ,
 WO1 M.Rhode , CDR M.Hobos , LCDR B.Woolridge , 1stLt. T.Sturgeon ,
SSgt. E.Phillips
Awarded to personnel who have shown dedication to the UNSC and the 17th by passing their one-year mark.



Chief Warrant Officer 4
[Image: CW4.jpg]

LCDR B.Woolridge

Chief Warrant Officer 2
[Image: CW2.jpg]

Sgt. Z.Miller , LTJG N.Alban


First Sergeant
 [Image: FSTSGT.jpg]

SgtMaj. S.Rune

Master Sergeant
[Image: MSGT.jpg]

MSgt. L.Buckman

Chief Petty Officer
[Image: CPO.jpg]

HMCS J.Winters

Gunnery Sergeant
[Image: GNYSGT.jpg]

2ndLt. B.Santos

Petty Officer First Class
[Image: PO1.jpg]

2ndLt. C.Fletcher

[Image: SGT.jpg]

SSgt. S.King , @"T.Timm" , GySgt. C.Liorman , J.Cunningham

[Image: Crewman.jpg]

HM1 E.Ramirez , C.Endtricht

Lance Corporal
[Image: LCPL.jpg]

LCpl. R.Euphrane , Cpl. T.Lauridsen , HM2 S.ComakSgt. R.Dunn



Capt N.Banta
Echo Company - Commanding Officer
S-3: Operations Command - OIC
S-6: Department of Combat Imaging - OIC
S-7: Department of Doctrine and Training - OIC
17th ODST

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