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Medical: Bandages

Just me wanna say somthing.
Currently when one get's hit he or she will have to Bandig him/herself up and wait for the Medic to stich up the wound. That's cool and all, but why the fuck are we using paper for our bandeges? After 1 min or less it is allready open again and the wound is like it never got a bandage. Is it possible to change that so they last longer?
It just sometime's the Team Medic has a DisCo and ther we are just bleeding out cause the paper won't stick.
Sgt C.Travis
Combat Element One "Templar"  - AT
17th ODST
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"


What bandages are you using? Different bandages have different chances of re-opening, and if you run around it tends to open faster.

Also, I thought a majority of people had swapped over to using biofoam to plug wounds ontop of or instead of bandages while waiting for the medic?
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Michael Hobos 'Wardog 1'
Squadron Commanding Officer

83rd NSOS
sic itur ad astra

Hobos is correct that certain bandages have different re open chances, as well as he heal certain wound types better. And yes, some of the soldiers have taken up using biofoam which practically never re opens. But there has been some discussion/debate about whether or not basic soldiers should be carrying around biofoam since it basically reduces the corpsman job to simply stitching, if that since it doesn't really re open. It may be something the higher ups should discuss? I personally could see a person taking one or two biofoam, but I personally don't feel that 8 to 10 like I've heard some people taking is reasonable or practical even to lore or the situation.
GySgt Winry McElrath
Combat Team 1: Ares Team Chief
Department of Doctrine and Training -Instructor
PERSCOM - Recruiter / Clerk
DDT - Documentation Clerk / Instructor
17th ODST 
"Run to the fire, don't hide from it." "Who runs the world?! Girls!"

i support Mcelrath she is right maybe 8 biofoams sounds a little to much, in my pow i see 1 biofoam per person and bandages, and what travis says is true for example if i get shot i need to go with locklear or kakta so i can recieve attention , in many cases we are separate from each other so if the medics get shot they will constantly bleed until they died, this as far i can see has a solution which is in use and consist on talking in the med freq, maybe we cannot run between the battlefield (i can do that but they do not lety me :v :c) but we can be stanle until another medic comes on and stich him up. This can be solved pretty quickly and in no need to change the medical settings
HM1 E.Ramirez
Combat Team 1 - Team SARC

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Yeah. I know that ther a'r diffrent Types, it's just not usfull if it Opens again. I just could leave it all away and wait for the Medic on the Spot. You can't even walk 5 Meters and you bleeding again. I use diffrent types of bandages, I just don't know which one is the correct one for the wound. Is ther a list?
Sgt C.Travis
Combat Element One "Templar"  - AT
17th ODST
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"


That there is Sarn't, there's a chart available here

Quick Cloth it is
Sgt C.Travis
Combat Element One "Templar"  - AT
17th ODST
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"


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