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VTT Transcript // 10JUL2523

[Image: oni.png]


<< Captain, first things first.  You'll be answering directly to me now.  The Boss has been handed new things on her plate that take priority.

>> Aye sir.

<< I've been following your battle-feed over the last couple of weeks.  This proxy war there on Madrigal has made quite a turn.  I haven't seen your report for Kidnap yet however.  What's the status on that?

>> Sir, we moved in as directed to disrupt their oil supply in the north as well as recover President-Mediator Samatar, however once at the presidential palace it was discovered that the PM has been deceased for some time.

<< Deceased?

>> Aye sir.  His compound did not have any Molatian government forces there for security.  We encountered URF personnel as well as recovered the personal journal of a Battle-Jumper we believe to be from the Gao Republic sir.

<< Battle-Jumpers eh?  You realize the difficult time we've had with them and the insurrection on Gao yes?

>> Aye sir, and while we can't confirm that we engaged them directly it is of popular opinion that there may be a compliment of jumpers here on Madrigal working with the Molation & URF goverment here.  In the engagement we took pretty heavy casualties sir.  It's almost as if they expected us to go there.  Here's the report sir.


<< Got it Captain.  Stand by.

<< How has Edson's battalion been fairing?

>> They've been a welcome asset sir.  They've been fairly successful in pushing the main line of resistance north as well as keeping disorder in the overtaken areas fairly minimal.  His air assets were able to stretch their legs a bit during this past mission helping the 83rd provide air security and take out some targets.

<< Good to hear.  I'm sending him orders to continue pushing his forces up the eastern and western coasts.  This Senator-General Jama that you're dealing with is a sneaky bastard but by god we will crush him.  For now, martial law remains in effect.  Any civilians you see outside after dusk is considered hostile.  It is unfortunate, I know, but these people need to realize that we aren't the badguys here.

>> Aye sir.

<< I'm sending you the supply vessel "Diligent".  It should be arriving by weeks end with a full resupply of food, medical, and armament for your ODST's.  It is also carrying a compliment of air assets to be allocated to Edson's battalion along with some freshly minted assets for the 83rd.

>> Aye sir, that will be a welcome sight.

<< That will be all for now Captain.  Keep me informed, and tell your chief of aviation to stop losing these things.  They aren't cheap you know.

>> Aye, aye sir!


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