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17th Modpack Update

[Image: J8bEO9I.jpg]

The following have been edited or added to the mod pack.


[Image: myLyghQ.jpg]  
[Helmets in general]

-- The helmets are now configured that you can hear your battle buddy, or Sir Rock while you are standing in the back of the line during briefing


[Image: 747xuHl.jpg] 

-- the 83rd Hornet is now available in zeus.


[Image: myLyghQ.jpg] 

[Recon Helmet]

-- The Recon helmet has been reskinned for the 17th and added to the list.

[Image: hGKCobb.jpg] 

[Jackal Uniform]

-- Jackal has its own uniform with custom texture now, that Phillips made a while ago.

[Image: TFgElpy.jpg] 

[Raider Uniform]

-- Raider got a Single Pauldron uniform having only one shoulder patch on the left.

[Raider Uniform ALT]

-- Same as above only this got a shoulder patch on the right arm.

[Image: xCsYYx1.jpg] 

[Warrior outfit]

-- Warrior now has its own helmets, vest and uniform.

[Warrior Helmet]

-- Works the same like it did before, except it got its own texture and attachments.

[Warrior Vests]


-- EOD vest contains a grenade belt, its slightly heavier than the assassin and Light variation of the vest.

- Assassin

-- Assassin vest has a knife attached to the chest piece, assassin weights the same as Light.

- Heavy

-- Heavy has the grenade belt and knife, and its the heaviest vest, but can carry more.

- Light
-- Light vest is the lightest vest for Warrior, but cant carry a lot compared to its counterparts.

[Warrior Uniform]
-- Same as the Helmet. It works the same but has its own custom texture.

[Image: IQOerE1.jpg] 

[Trainee uniform]

-- The trainee/ceremony uniform is added to the modpack.

[Image: CVUzPS1.jpg]

[EOD Backpack]
-- Works like any other backpack but can carry more.

[Image: hS5zy5K.jpg]

[Officer uniform]

-- The officer uniform is added to the modpack.

Download 17th modpack here


unpack the 7zip file and copy the @17th folder from it, go to Steam/Steamapps/Arma 3/
and place the main @17th folder you downloaded inside the arma folder. this will replace some files if prompet, if done correctly your @17th folder will contain the following folders and files.

SSgt J.Rock
"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam."

Amazing work!
1stSgt S.Rune
Echo Company - Company First Sergeant
Department of Doctrine and Training - NCOIC
Personnel Command - Senior Administrative Clerk/Recruiter/Instructor

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