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New Elements - N.Banta - 03-21-2018

[Image: mo3SBda.png]




>>>//21MAR2018, 12:00 LOCAL REGION TIME



Echo Company,

Today I am formalizing the formation of two new elements within our company. These new elements will be taking some personnel from each existing element to fill out their own rosters. This also means that there will be 2 new Element Leads on your Team Net radio frequencies. As most of the personnel movements involved in this growth need to be approved on down the line, I will just be announcing the new element Leaders and Assistant Element Leaders.

First up, our addition to Combat Team 1 "Ares":
[Image: Mc3ndtS.png]
Element 1-3 "Hades"
Element Leader: N.Jedi
Assistant Element Leader: "K.Galligan

Next, the newbies for Combat Team 2 "Jaeger":

[Image: RVL1UNM.png]
Element 2-3 "Voyager"
Element Leader: J.Cunningham
Assistant Element Leader: "GySgt. C.Liorman

I will be finishing approvals for personnel movements as the week goes on so these elements will see combat at this Saturday's operation on 24MAR2018. That's all I have for now, keep an eye on the discord and Teamspeak for further info. Goliath Actual, out.



RE: New Elements - C.Travis - 03-22-2018

Why Voyager? Are you hoping that they will get lost ?   *Badumm tsss*

RE: New Elements - M.Timm - 03-24-2018

(03-22-2018, 09:32 PM)C.Travis Wrote: Why Voyager? Are you hoping that they will get lost ?   *Badumm tsss*

[Image: a266f5957dd0012b20a41d24c04672b7.jpg]