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Its Been Fun - M.Hobos - 11-25-2018

I'd write something sappy, but I'd run out of room to type. I've done the rounds, I've done my dues. Its been a pleasure and an honour. To all the long, sleepless nights, to all the laughs we had, I wouldn't trade it for the world. You'll all be in my heart, one way or another. Even if you're an absolute fucktard. Love you guys and gals. Hobos, signing out.

RE: Its Been Fun - E.Ramirez - 11-25-2018

i'll miss you man, its been an honor to fight and laugh along side you commander, the RHS stuff will never be the same, wish you the best in your life and future plans 

o7 :_)

PS: love ya i will send tacos to your house  

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RE: Its Been Fun - E.Keff - 11-25-2018

Godspeed you magnificent bastard, and best of luck.
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RE: Its Been Fun - R.Garand - 11-25-2018

It's been an honor and a pleasure, Commander. Godspeed.

RE: Its Been Fun - M.Rhode - 11-25-2018

o7 good luck wherever you go man its been a hell of a time.

RE: Its Been Fun - B.Lawrence - 11-25-2018


RE: Its Been Fun - M.Williams - 11-25-2018

Its been real Commander. I haven't known you long but you're wonderful. Godspeed


RE: Its Been Fun - J.Winters - 11-25-2018

So long fam. Hope to see you around.
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RE: Its Been Fun - V.Whyte - 11-25-2018

It's been an honor and a pleasure to have served under you commander

RE: Its Been Fun - J.Malarkey - 11-25-2018

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... You make me happy, when skies are grey...


Take care my guy, stay in touch