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Holiday Break 2018 - N.Banta - 12-17-2018

Attention all 17th Personnel,

Our Holiday break for this year will begin shortly, in fact it will take place between 23DEC2018 and 04JAN2019. This means between these days no official trainings or operations will take place. Until then things will continue as normal, for the most part. We in battalion realize some of you will be traveling for the holidays and therefore all Element trainings this week will be optional. In addition the FTX planned for this weekend will also be optional. The 17th will resume regularly scheduled element trainings and operations / FTXs when we get back for our January promotion ceremony on the 5th of January!

For those of you who have signed up for the Junior Leadership Course, that will continue as planned this Friday at 2000CST.

For those of you who are in our Training Element, our Department of Doctrine and Training will host an ODSTTP this weekend so we can try and get you in and slotted before the new year!

If anyone has any questions please PM me on Discord.

Happy Holidays everyone! We'll see you in 2019! Goliath out.

RE: Holiday Break 2018 - M.Timm - 12-18-2018

you think the URF are taking a holiday break ? You are giving them more land to control Major !

Anyway to everyone here Happy holidays

RE: Holiday Break 2018 - C.Travis - 12-18-2018

Holiday Break? What's that? In Germany we don't have Break's, we have sleep and back to work.

RE: Holiday Break 2018 - K.Vetterly - 12-19-2018

Do we have an idea on the date and time for the ODSTTP? Just curious.